The Journeys of Ibn Khaldoun 1 High Hopes
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The Journeys of Ibn Khaldoun 1 High Hopes

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The weather was extremely hot on Andalusia Road, in Tunis, as if the sun was shooting flames at Earth. People, or rather those who were left of them, stayed inside their homes to mourn their dead; the heat only increased their agony. Suad, a five-year-old girl, sat on the threshold of her house, dressing up her dolls and dusting their bright clothes. This child had nobody to play with her any longer. The alley was empty of children. They passed away, one by one. The raging plague took them. Some said that this child survived because her mother had collected talismans for her and visited the shrines of the righteous with her. The only thing Suad knew about death is that it had taken her friends and left her alone. She invoked plague upon all those she did not like. In her isolation, she invented a little trick of her own, which made her feel better. Whenever a friend died, she made a new doll and named the doll after her. She talked to them and imitated the way each dead girl spoke. Thus, she overcame boredom and loneliness.

128 pages

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Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

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